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big pile of cake

When Bryan Mc Crystal was coaching me on the bike last year he warned me going into Christmas not to hit the f**k it switch. You know that moment of teetering between temptation of eating all the cake and sweets and crisps or not. It’s Christmas, you’re constantly faced with the dilemma of should you just go ahead and have one or twelve. You argue for and against before caving in and hitting the f**k it switch and sometime I hit it several times…

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The real problem occurs when you hit it repeatedly for days or worse for weeks. The issue with giving in and having all the cake and chocolate and sweets and beer and wine and whatever else you dive headlong into over the holidays is the extended time that it can go on for. It’s not just a day or weekend it can last for several weeks. I try to hit the reset switch as quickly as possible after hitting the F**k it one. The idea is one I learned from personal trainer and coach Bevan James Eyles.

His idea is that hitting the f**k it switch isn’t the end of the world but how quickly you can reset after. He calls it hitting the reset switch. Me, I lean towards a bit of profanity just for the fun of it and also the bit of shock value. Anyway Bevan’s example goes, if for example you’re in work on Friday and someone brings out a big box of chocolates or a cake to celebrate a birthday or someone finishing up. You have the usual argument with yourself then give in. You decide just to have one.  Which, in my case, usually turns into 27.

This can then lead to the scenario that when you’re heading home after work on Friday you decide that you’ve already fallen off the wagon so you might as well just go ahead and have a big greasy take away, sure isn’t the damage already done. This might then lead to the thought that a couple of beers won’t make matters much worse and sure if you’re having a drink you need nuts and crisps. The next morning you wake up feeling rotten after not just falling off the wagon but diving off headfirst. You think that at this stage the damage is done and maybe Monday would be the best time to restart again so you spend the weekend hitting the f**k it switch again and again. Monday comes around and you throw yourself headlong into eating clean and being good and you last until maybe Thursday when the cycle repeats itself.

Bevan’s thinking is that the sooner you hit the reset switch the better. Accept that you’ve had the cake or sweets but try as quickly as possible to reset and get back to what you really want to be doing. If you can reset on Friday night then you’ve had a half a day eating rubbish and 6 days of eating healthily.

Over the holidays it’s even more important to repeatedly hit the reset switch as there is so much temptation to over-eat all the cake and sweets and like I said it goes on for weeks not just 2 days over the weekend so the possible damage is much worse. Don’t wait until the 1st of January to hit reset, try to stay on top of it as much as possible over the holiday season so that your New Years fitness goals aren’t starting with “Burn off the Christmas excess first” before you can even start to get fit.

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